If you have met me before you know, that I am extremely sarcastic, always looking for a good joke. One odd fact about myself, I make a killer pig noise. I am the "odd duck" of my family, I will do just about anything to get a kid to smile.
As depressing as it sounds my favorite day is a cloudy, foggy day. I love how cozy the world seems on a foggy day. I am not sure if it is because I can have an extra excuse for another cup of coffee or if it is I can wear baggy clothes all day with zero guilt or social obligation to wear something summery. 
I have been shooting weddings for 8 years. I LOVE the stress and excitement that come with weddings. 
My love for photography came from my 106 year old Great Grandma. Yes, 106 years old. In 2019 she died 3 weeks shy of her 106's birthday. I figure when you are that old, you get to round up... so if you ask me she was 106 years old. Weeks before her death she still lived alone, drove herself. She is my hero. She laughed everyday, always carried her camera with her with a pile of printed photos. Her best advice, don't get caught racing your car at a stop light, make sure you laugh everyday and never feel sorry for yourself. 
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