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Hello!!! My name is Jennifer, I have many different nicknames I have acquired over the years, but mostly I am known as Jen... just do not call me JENNY. If you were born in the 1980's or sooner you'll understand why. 
I grew up on a 4th generation family farm & ranch in Northeast Colorado. Before my family settled in America they also farmed in Sweden & Russia. In addition to their cow calf operation, my family run a 6,000 capacity backgrounding feedlot in Weld County.  I have a strong passion for American beef & anything 4-H/FFA. Growing up I was your typical tomboy that wanted to do everything her dad was, my poor mom just wanted me to wear a dress and let her brush my hair. 
My husband & I with our 3 kids live in Burlington, CO where we spend every free second improving our 1920's farm property. I personally love spending this time of life with our kids going to pig jackpots & sheep shows. We also feed out our cattle for custom butchering. When my children grow up and move away it is my goal to become a 4-H extension agent.

Some might be surprised to know that my second shooter isn't who you would think. He is my son, he is 11 years old and frankly he is more talented than 75% of the adult photographers out there.  If this something people are uncomfortable with, I offer different second shooters. 
I was raised to value a strong handshake, and that family is everything. I strive to treat my customers like family.

Usually photographers specialize in one aspect. When you come a mother you learn to love & appreciate every season of life. It is my goal to be the photographer you think of no matter what season of life you are in. Wedding, Anniversary, Maternity, Newborn, or Family, I am your girl. 

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Thanks! Message sent.

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